GoogleがSolarCityに$280 million出資

昨日、家庭向けの太陽光発電パネル設置のファイナンスを行う「Solar Power Finance社」という会社について書いて、先行する会社として「SolarCity社」を上げたが、Google社がこのSolarCity社に$280 million出資すると発表。
この$280 millionで7,000軒から9,000軒の家に太陽光発電パネルを設置するファイナンスが可能との事。

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Google and rooftop solar power company SolarCity announced a $280 million investment deal Tuesday, the largest such deal for home-based solar power systems in the United States.
The investment will give San Mateo, Calif-based SolarCity the funding to build and lease solar power systems to a 7,000 to 9,000 homeowners in the 10 states where it operates.
Founded five years ago, SolarCity has 15,000 solar projects around the nation completed or under way. Customers who wish to have the company's solar system installed at their home can pay for it outright, but most choose instead to let SolarCity retain ownership of the equipment and rent back the use of it through monthly solar lease payments.

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In SolarCity's case, the customer signs a multi-year agreement with the company and begins writing a monthly check to the firm that's ideally 10% to 20% percent lower than what they were previously paying for their monthly power bill.
SolarCity then handles the rest -- everything from purchasing and installing the panels to claiming the various tax credits offered by the federal, state, and sometimes even local governments.