ARRA(American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009)

ARRA(American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009)という去年から始まった巨大な額($787 billion)のインセンティブ(the Stimulusとか言ったりする)が、今のアメリカの"Green New Deal"を引っ張っている訳ですが、これは前政権で始まった"Economic Stimulus Act of 2008"と"Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008"を継続補足する形になっています。
エネルギー再生は、ARRAのなかで非常に大きなテーマで、DOE (Department of Energy)長官のDr. Steven Chu(物理学者:レーザー冷却により原子を捕捉する技術の研究でノーベル賞受賞、右の写真)の動向が何時も話題になります。

  • compressed air energy storage
  • superconducting magnetic energy storage
  • flow batteries


  • Massachusetts-based Beacon Power Corporation will receive $2.25 million for the development of a 100 kWh/100 kW flywheel energy storage module in Huntington Beach, California. Employing a new "flying ring" design that combines highly-efficient energy regulation with the capability to accept and deliver full energy loads over 40,000 times during a 20-year lifetime, the proposed flywheel is intended to store four times more energy than current flywheels at one-eighth the cost. Also in July, the Energy Department finalized a $43 million loan guarantee for Beacon's 20-megawatt storage facility, planned to create 60 jobs in Massachusetts and New York.
  • Boeing was awarded $2.26 million to create a low-cost, high-energy density flywheel storage capability in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. While flywheels have often been used as short-duration energy storage devices, this project aims to increase the energy density of the flywheel for longer-duration applications, including renewable energy ramping to the power grid. To increase energy density, Boeing will implement new fiber materials that allow the flywheel to spin at higher speeds, an important development toward potential grid-scale deployment.

Steven Chuが決めた色々面白そうなプロジェクトが他にも一杯ありますが、詳細はまた。