FERC Order 745が裁判で否定され

何回か取り上げたが、FERC Order 745について。
FERC Order 745がワシントンD.C.での裁判(May 23, 2014)で「越権である」ということで取り消され、その影響があちこちででている。「越権である」だけの話が、最近は「デマンドレスポンスに対して容量市場でお金を払ってはいけない」とかの議論に進展。う〜〜ん、予想外。
FERCは、Supreme Courtに上告するかどうかの判断を下さなければいけないが、その期限(Dec 16, 2014)が迫っても最終判断が下せず、とりあえずは今週延長申請を出した。
もし、FERCが上告して、しかしSupreme Courtが短期間に判断(判決)を下さない場合、かなりややこしい事になる。


  • "En Banc Review" Requested (FERC, Other Parties)
  • FERC Concedes on Panel Majority’s Compensation Finding
  • "En Banc Review" Denied Sept 17, 2014 without formal dissent
  • "Motions for Stay" submitted by FERC, Other Parties
  • FERC stay granted, Other Parties’ stay denied (Oct 20, 2014)
  • "Petitions for certiorari to U.S. Supreme Court" due Dec 16, 2014
    • US Government position determined by Solicitor General
    • Stay extended only if certiorari pursued by US Government


  • FirstEnergy Complaint on PJM’s capacity market filed May 23, 2014 (EL14-55) and NEPGA Complaint on ISO-NE filed November 14, 2014 (EL15-21)
    • Early 2015 Auctions Critical to 2018/19 Reliability
  • Policy/Reliability
    • What is Capacity?
    • Is DR really capacity and does it help or hinder purpose of capacity markets?
    • IMM as referee: behind-the- meter generation, arbitraging base and incremental auctions
    • economics
    • 60 hours versus 8,760 hours (“inferior product”) but half reserve margin
  • Legal
    • (1) rationale of holding that DR is a retail non-sale applies as much if not more so to capacity as to energy and
    • (2) even if limited to energy, means DR can’t meet capacity obligations linked to energy markets via must offer obligations


  • Clearly DR comes out of wholesale energy markets
  • Court’s jurisdictional analysis should apply to capacity too
  • Putting “demand” on the demand side, but how? (NARUC panel)
    • Price Responsive Demand (PRD) – already approved for PJM
    • State programs, approaches for demand side reductions
    • Curtailment commitments impacting capacity amount procured
    • FERC retains jurisdiction over capacity market procurement
    • Any transitions for DR cleared in past auctions for future DYs